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The Freiburger personality inventory (FPI) is a psychological personality test common in the German-speaking countries in form of a questionnaire, which is to make a standardized collection for the personality possible pro gangs. It is factor-analytically and itemmetrisch justified and both in the Psychotherapie, and in the psychological research is used.

From the projektiven procedures like the well-known Rorschach test the FPI differs by the concrete questions with given response possibilities (multiple choice test). They cause a high (reliability) of the results. Contrary to the performance inspections (e.g. intelligence tests) the inventory does not make valuation or an order of rank available.

The first version appeared 1970, consisting of four elbows: FPI-G (unabridged version), FPI-A and FPI-B (half versions), and FPI-K (edited version): Driving mountain J, Selg H.: The Freiburger personality inventory. Hogrefe, 1970. 1983 appeared the up-to-date valid versions FPI-R (revised unabridged version, now 138 Items) and FPI-A1 (version A, 114 Items revised). They are based on a rehearsing and sample of approx. 2300 persons.

The results are shown in ten empirically justified scales (personality factors):

  1. Life satisfaction
  2. Social orientation
  3. Achievement orientation
  4. Restrainingness
  5. Exciting barness
  6. Aggressiveness
  7. Demand
  8. Physical complaints
  9. Health concerns
  10. Openness

Comparable, important tests in the angloamerikanischen literature are the Personality Research form and the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory.


  • Yokes driving mountain, Rainer Hampel, Herbert Selg: Freiburger personality inventory (FPI). Revised version (FPI-R) and partly changed version (FPI-A1). Hogrefe, Goettingen 2001. (7.Aufl.)

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