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Conflict Freespace: The Great was (also as "the cent Freespace "well-known) became 1998 of Volition Inc. produced, of

Interplay Entertainment published and heard into the category spacecombatsimulation-EN-unofficially is regarded to that it as a successor the the cent - row. Freespace 2 was produced 1999 and continues the action of the first part.

Freespace 3 is since at the beginning of 2006 in planning. However is still questionable, when and whether it appears real. As possible publishers is not contrary to preceded the parts of any more Interplay in the discussion separate the company Derek Smart.


Freespace - The Great was

The play describes the war of humans, who united to "the galactically Terrani alliance "(GTA), against Aliens, which call themselves "Vasudaner ". An end this conflict is not in view, for several years always is the fights in the same areas.

Then however dips an old, apparently over-powerful race, which runs over Shivaner, up and without large losses of systems of the Terraner and Vasudaner.Men and Vasudaner groups itself, since the Shivaner of an enormous capital ship, which is able whole planets to depopulate, out operates.

Freespace 1 had a good German synchronisation - the same speakers, who already synchronized the English version, were used - thus had the language in the play a strong English accent.

''' Freespace - silent Threat

Silent Threat was called at the end of 1998 published official mission luggage to Freespace. Acts thereby around special missions during the large war (Freespace 1), mission the luggage is thus of the two Games. among other things it gave a new Capital Ship"…

Freespace 2 - The NEXT generation

Freespace 2 does not set the history of the first part of fort.32 years after the "large war" gives it the GTA for no more, the formerly disliked peoples finally geeint themselves and to have to the GTVA united, "the galactically Terranisch Vasudani alliance ". The Shivaner withdrew itself.

Peace is nevertheless not in-turned by disappearing the Shivaner in the universe, it prevails to civil war. A group of humans under guidance of admiral Bosch regards co-operation with the Vasudanern as a danger for the human race. It was based from the GTVA abgespalten and "the Neo Terrani front "("NTF "), which fight for independence.

The civil war goes already for over 16 months. In the star system "gamma Draconis" is discovered a very old artificial Sprungpunkt, which lures also the Shivaner again into well-known space. In the expiration of the play the GTVA the Shivanern appears clearly underlaid, and the player is again in the role to have to defeat a supremacy.

Freespace 2 offers like Freespace 1 a very good German synchronisation, still more enormous ships, nebula missions and a very much improves diagram - not only that the dissolution of 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768 was raised, the whole play - uv.a. also the explosions - looks clearly better.

Freespace 2 heimste a multiplicity of Spielemagzin Awards.


The player start in the single or Multiplayer mode against human or AI opponents. It steers thereby a before selected and spaceship from the Ego perspective, equipped with weapons.

The armament is varied broad and reaches from normal lasers over rockets up to bombs. There are the playable ships likewise in many variants: Light clearing-up ships, light, middle and heavy hunters, interceptor, bomber and not least also a camouflage hunter (Freespace II) are present. In both plays there is also a mission, in which the player flies a shivanischen hunter.

Sometimes between the employments there is an overview of the current war process (spoken in the English and German version of Freespace II also) and also computer-animated videos to see. Afterwards the employment discussion follows, where the expiration of mission and - aims to be called. There one can exchange its hunter and also those of its wing men (AI-steered allied ones) against others and change the weapon assembly. Arrived in space there is the possibility, the ship energy over three automatic controllers to the weapon of distributing sign and drive systems. Who is straight under strong bombardment, simply the sign energy at expense of drive and weapons strengthens.

In addition there is found still another an extensive mission and/or campaign editor in the play.

System requirements

Conflict: Freespace is with a 133-Mhz-Pentium (with hardware acceleration) | 166-Mhz-Pentium (without hardware acceleration), 32 MT RAM and 240 MT fixed disk place playable. In the play a dissolution 640x480 is offered with 16-Bit-Farben. Freespace 2 needs min. a 200-Mhz-Pentium, 32 MT RAM and 400 MT fixed disk place. Freespace 2 offers additionally a dissolution of 1024x768 - also in 32-Bit-Farben. Conflict: Freespace and Freespace 2 support Glide and Direct3D.

As input devices becomes the mouse, which keyboard and a Joystick supports alternatively with or without ForceFeedback. In addition both plays support EAX (for Conflict: Freespace needs one a Patch) and Freespace 2 additionally still A3D.

The network play is likewise possible. For this either a network for LAN plays or a modem is needed for Internet plays. Both plays need TCP/IP minutes (Conflict: Freespace supports also IPX minutes).

Conflict: Freespace and Freespace 2 are playable under Windows XP with the "Windows 98 /Me". Without this attitude the afterburner does not function correctly.

Open SOURCE project

Although Freespace is 2 meanwhile 7 years old, is the Community on the high point. Since then the play in the US variant open SOURCE is, the play by the Community in things diagram was improved. A team united and "the Freespace 2 open SOURCE code Project "created, with which Freespace 2 is extended and with OpenGL on Linux runs and graphically with current titles keep up can.

Freespace 3 - (in planning)

Toward end of the yearly 2005 first rumors and also facts emerged in the Internet that soon with the realization by Freespace 3 was to be begun. In January 2006 were the negotiations for license acquisition of Freespace of the company Derek Smart with the company Interplay. In March 2006 several descriptions already emerged over the story of Freespace 3 in the Internet.

The story of Freespace 3 is settled 6 years later after the Capella supernew facts from Freespace 2. In the center of the action young 24 a year old pilot of names Jack is located. This is on the GTD Aquitaine with 53. Hammerheads squadron stations. The GTD Aquitaine is abkommandiert at the beginning of the play for the monitoring of the building of a new jump knot to the earth. When this jump knot is finished, the Aquitaine breaks open to the earth and restores so for 39 years the first contact. Unfortunately it is still unclear whether the open action strand from Freespace 2 is cleared up regarding overflowing admiral Bosch of the Neoterrani front to the Shivanern, since there was an explanation for this never really with Freespace 2.

More details are not well-known yet, so that the action can quite still change up to release.

Release date of Freespace 3 does not lie probably before at the end of 2007.

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