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Freeciv is a free, the play classical author Civilization shared, round strategy play, which is driven out under the GNU general Public License.

As in the model Civilization one must increase and to prosperity bring these as leaders of a nation. The distant goal exists in the conquest of the world, the first expedition to the alpha Centauri or a victory to points at expiration of the regular play time. The goal of complete a rule compatibility as possible is pursued by the programmers to Civilization II.

Originally the play possessed only one Multiplayer mode, with which one can measure in the LAN or Internet with other players. Only with later versions (rudimentarily starting from 1.4, playable starting from 1.6.4) computer opponents became possible, so that also a Singleplayer mode is possible.

Freeciv gives it among other things for the operating systems to GNU/Linux, BSD, Unix, AmigaOS, Mac OS X and Windows. The Amiga OS haven is past however with version 1.12.0 over 4 years.

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