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Franz Schlegelberger (* 1876 in king mountain in Prussia; "† 14 December 1970 in Flensburg) was undersecretary of state in the realm Ministry of the law (RMJ) and officiated some time as a Minister of Justice during the national socialism. He was the highest-ranking accused in the lawyer process. Still a comment published from it is to the commercial code (HGB) in the use.


Louis Rudolph Franz Schlegelberger was son of a Protestant buyer family in king mountain, which was father as a grain commercial transaction man actively. Its ancestors (Balthasar originally originated from Salzburg, came in the course of the new settlement of East Prussia with refugee Protestanten from Salzburg 1731/32 to Ostpreussen.Schlegelberger visited the old-urban High School in king mountain, where he put 1894 down the maturity examination.


It studied jurisprudence starting from 1894 in king mountain and from 1895 to 1896 in Berlin. Berlin. 1897 he takes the first legal state examination with sufficient achievements. At the university king mountain took place on 1 December 1899 its graduation to the doctor of the rights with the topic "being allowed delegate because of their tuning as an official to the arrangement to be ", on 9 December 1901 Schlegelberger took the large legal state examination with the note "into Berlin well". It became on 21 December 1901 Gerichtsassessor with the district court king mountain. To 17. March of 1902 auxiliary judges at the regional court king mountain. On 16 September 1904 it judges at the regional court in Lyck, at the beginning of of May 1908 came was appointed it to the regional court Berlin and in the same year as an auxiliary judge as the Court of Appeal Berlin. 1914 he was appointed the Court of Appeal advice in Berlin, where he remained until 1918.

During the First World War, on 1 April 1918, he became assistant in the office for realm law. On 1 October 1918 the appointment as the secret government advice and speaking advice took place. The appointment as the Ministerialdirektor in the realm Ministry of Justice took place 1927.

Schlegelberger taught since 1922 at the legal faculty of the university of Berlin as a fee professor.

On 10 October 1931 he was appointed the undersecretary of state in the realm Ministry of Justice among Ministers of Justice Franz and kept this position up to death 1941 of On 30 January 1938 it occurred the NSDAP.

To its numerous work in this time the draft of a law belonged to the introduction of a new national currency, which should terminate the hyperinflation of the realm Marks. He signed in agency of the realm Minister of the law with the date of 29. March 1939 the fourth regulation for the execution of the realm game laws (realm law gazette part of I, page 643), where article 6 regulated: "In "§ the paragraph 1 receives 24 the following version: "(receive 1) Jew no hunting license"".

After the death of Franz 1941 Franz Schlegelberger for the years 1941 and 1942 kommissarischer realm Minister of the law, followed of Otto Thierack. When its separating from the office on 24 August 1942 received Schlegelberger from Hitler a donation from 100.000 RM. In the year 1944 Adolf Hitler granted it the privilege to buy for the given 100,000 RM a property which otherwise only agricultural specialists was entitled.

From Schlegelberger the draft of the Poland meeting statutory order in such a way specified comes, by which Poland for tearing off posters with death were punished. In its term of office the number of the death sentences rose strongly.

After 1945

In the lawyer processes Schlegelberger was one of the principal defendants. He was condemned because of conspiracy to committing of war crimes and crime against the humanity to life imprisonment. 1950 became Schlegelberger because of detention inability to dismiss. Afterwards it referred for many years a pension of 2894 Marks (see the average income at that time of 535 Marks). Schlegelberger lived thereafter in Flensburg.

In the grounds it means: ""….that Schlegelberger Hitler's supported arrogance during the seizure of power, on death and life to decide under ignoring of the light of one legal proceedings. By his admonishments and instructions Schlegelberger contributed for the destruction of judicial independence. Its signature under the decree from 7 February 1942 put pursuit, negotiation and order to the Ministry of Justice and the courts on over the victims of Hitler's "night and nebula decree". But primarily it must carry the responsibility.

It was guilty of the mechanism and support from procedures to a large-scale pursuit of Jews and Poland. Its expressions over the Jews were less brutal than those of its colleagues. But one can do it never when humanly to designate. When the problem of the so-called "final solution of the Jew question" stood for discussion, the question resulted, what was to happen with the half Jews. Kidnapping the full Jews to the east was at that time in completely Germany in full course. Schlegelberger did not want to expand this system since half Jews".

In order to save to the half Jews the Deportation in the concentration and extermination camps, it suggested in a letter from 4 April 1942 (see documentation) at the realm Minister and boss of the Reichskanzlei Hans Heinrich Lammers leaving to the half Jews the choice between Deportation or sterilization.

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