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Francesco Castiglia (admits as franc Costello, *21. January 1891 in Kalabrien, Italy; "† 18 February 1973 in New York), was a well-known and powerful Gangsterboss in New York.

Costello emigrierte 1895 together with its nut/mother and its sister to New York.

With 13 it became course member of the Five POINTs course, in which also Lucky Luciano was member. From then on he was arrested several times and finally landed 1915 because of robbery and possession of arms for eleven months in the prison.

After its release it began its gangster career among other things with illegal gambling, alcohol trade and extortion.

It possessed later among other things some casinos in read Vegas and on Cuba - under it the Spielcasino Copacabana, in which also Frank Sinatra arose - and some buildings on the barrier Street.

Costello was called late Prime Minister, because he provided by bribery large influence at politicians and police. It made it for the FBI boss possible at that time J. Edgar Hoover to win regularly when horse running in response stated Hoover in the media that such a thing does not exist at all like a criminal syndicate.

Franc Costello died at a heart accumulation in a hospital in Manhattan.

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