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Forum games of roles (FRSP) are a variant of on-line game of roles, which take place purely in writing similarly as Pbem (Play by E-Mail) on telling basis within an on-line forum. From the principle such forum games of roles function like a normal paper and pencil game of roles ("P&P game of roles" of the English expression "Pen&Paper") at the domestic play table off, only that the fellow players do not sit evenly together around a table, but take part on-line in a forum together in the continuation of history.

Many forum plays are from their structure comparably with classical games of roles of the category Pen & PAPER or plays over Mailing the Lists to be played.

The forum game of roles orients itself thereby either at an existing game of roles system and its Hintergrundsettings, or is perfectly free, i.e. not on one of the well-known value systems and/or a "existing" play world bind.

Naturally such forum rounds are as dynamically as a P&P round, however far less not time-consuming and organizational more independently of outside factors as e.g. play place and - time. With some players the forum play replaced the P&P play completely, since by personal circumstances a regular P&P Spielrunde is no longer realizable.

Likewise one does not need entrance to the sets of rules and the appropriate auxiliary materials, which one can find with many role players in the shelf for a forum game of roles necessarily. A PC with Internet entrance, a little time and the own fantasy are enough to participate completely out over in a FRSP.

Forum games of roles are often played in game of roles forums. There there are ranges explicitly for forum games of roles intended is often.

One finds in the Internet in addition, forums, which dedicated themselves exclusively to forum games of roles. In these forums the players with their Charaktern populate often a whole city or an island or a whole world. The individual places of this play world are represented by Unterforen.

Forum plays have a play leader. This acted directly in the forum or over auxiliary ways with the participants and calls itself usually moderator. The interaction possibilities of the fellow players are usually limited to text messages. Other user interfaces - as for instance with Browserspielen - are not possible.

There are two main groups of forum plays: Such with aspects of game of roles and strategy plays. Examples of forum plays are age nation, Warrior Quest or Cosmic Force. One of the oldest plays, with the player the possibility a state to direct, are the strategic and chronicleful developed play age nation the project group golden Corner have.

Something other kind of the forum game of roles appears with Auriana. The forum play is developed according to the rules of a free game of roles, i.e. there are no play leaders and no fixed Plot. The place and the time are given only as frameworks, within which the fellow players move.

Is comparable the popular forum play counterpart to the Fantasyspielreihe Zelda of Kuatsu Janka. In this forum play one plays particularly provided characters in, of the video game series coined/shaped, play universe.

On-line chronicles

The term on-line chronicles one names usually more extensive forum games of roles. As demarcation to the term defined above, several forum boards become here frequent (also: Boards) used and several moderators divide themselves the SL-work for certain range.

On-line chronicle is by far more epischer laid out, as a pure forum game of roles. Predominantly only if one adventure or scenario is to be played with the forum game of roles, with an on-line chronicle the action is ever continued to drive in front. A Plot hunts the next and the actions of the player characters is filled with more lives.

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