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Formentera Guitars is a 1987/1988 created guitar farmer school on the Baleareninsel Formentera. Beside electrical guitars and E-basses, which manufacture pupils for the self-use, also instruments for the conventional sales are built.


The school was created 1987/1988 of German Thomas Stratmann (now owners of "Stratmann original" guitars), Dieter "Atze" (now owners of nozzle mountain Guitars) and Michael 1991 separated the three, and Thomas Stratmann found a new partner in Ekkehard Hoffmann. 2001 were then taken over the school by Ekkehard Hoffmann. Each year take place nine courses with ever up to six pupils.


The instruments are built by the pupils under guidance. Almost all classical Bauformenwie Stratocaster, Tele, Les Paul and PRS is possible. However gladly Formentera Guitars own designs and wood compositions are used. This hot San Fernando, San Francisco (both localities on Formentera) or Toro (following Spanish the bull).

Particularly at the building of the instruments is among other things the with seawater, which is accomplished in the Mediterranean. Up to the mechanisms and the bar all components of the instruments, inclusive saddle and pick-ups, by the pupils themselves are normally manufactured.

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