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A fork is a tool with a handle and several long, usually pointed extensions, the tines.

Corresponds physiologically the knife to the teeth and the spoons of the hollow hand, then the fork represents functionally the fingers when seizing and transporting and replaces been lost the claws when stinging.

As one of the tools of humans she is to be found in innumerable designs and variants, which are due from a specialization on "the aufzugabelnde "object or material.

Two large groups of forks can be differentiated:

  1. The fork as a component Essbesteck.
  2. The fork or garden fork, which serves as agricultural work equipment.
With these one deals here more in greater detail.

Forks consist generally of a photograph surface, those with two to six easily bent tines are provided and one in approximately 1 m long handle. They are for the a stinging, taking up and brief transport from usually organic, more or less loose material intended.

While forks were originally manufactured completely from wood, forms with a fork part manufactured from iron already developed in the Middle Ages. Today's fork handles consist mostly of steam-curved Eschenholz.

As most rural have the different designs of the forks in the various dialects and dialects different names, which overlap in their application. In more recent time these by standardized trade names are overlaid. The English term for fork reads "Fork", and is closely related to the German term "garden fork".

Grave fork, Steingabel, Schippgabel, pitchfork, strewing fork, Mulchgabel, dung fork, compost fork, hay fork, carrot fork (10 and more tine, possibly with spherical ends to prevent around hurting the carrots.)

The forks were used by the rural population also as quite effective weapon, so in the farmer rebellions.

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