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By a foreign stay one understands in principle each stay outside of its mother country. The foreign on stop can take some hours up to several decades.


Strictly speaking one understands a long-term stay by a foreign stay abroad for vocational purposes, e.g. Training (study, advanced training), conferences, work input (e.g. Assembly, military or outer Pair) or for private purposes, as the attendance of relatives.


Short term foreign stays are purchase travels abroad neighbouring like also vacation or education journeys abroad. During these border crossings within the European Union - states almost problem-free run, need one with foreign stays in other states a residence title like a visa or a residence permit. The latter is limited for the FRG and Austria on a half year and includes no work permit also. One receives closer information with the messages or consulates of the individual countries. In Switzerland a foreign stay is longer than one year for men forbidden, if the person did not complete the recruit school yet. Offences can be punished with prison.

Often foreign stays are registered into the passport. Such entries can prevent with a further planned stay in the country registered before hostilely facing a state. Correspondent of newspapers and media, which often longer time for reporting abroad possess therefore usually several passports spend.

cultural purpose

A special meaning has a foreign stay for the personal advancement and collection of expertise in the foreign language, extended by life experience beside that acquisition. The confrontation with a strange culture, other habits and the necessary habit of another language in the daily life let the own values and standards in another light appear. For the vocational progress are such experiences of large importance. Still in 18. and 19. Century belonged in or several foreign stays to the education ideal. Numerous philosophers and poet used these stays also for literary purposes.

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