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Folding boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, which are supplied space-saving in folded up condition of the manufacturer to the processing enterprises, in order with simple handles or to the box to be unfolded by machine there.

This variant of box is today the most frequently applied. These boxes stuck together at a side already ex factory. One must apply only a light pressure to the sides of the folded box thereby these to the fillable box unfolds itself. Subsequently, one must lock the box only - usually with a putting catch -. There are thereby however many different catch variants. Thus there are for example boxes, with which the soil closes already automatically when unfolding.

This procedure can be turned around also relatively easily. These boxes can be back-folded thus after use also again into the space-saving and thus environmentalcareful flat format, presupposed one before soil and catch opened and fold the box up at the correct two edges - that is in all rule the edge with the gluing and the accordingly facing.

See also cardboard box

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