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Flour powder, is the designation of a mixture made of Kaliumnitrat 75%, charcoal 15%, gemahlenem sulfur 10%.

Flour powder is black powder, which was not roughened and so few for the use in firearms is suitable. It squeezed together burns it only slowly at the surface (as e.g. in a rocket), it is to loose can it so fast convert by the rapid increase of pressure the run blows up itself. Besides the fine flour powder often does not arrive by a containers up to the powder bag down separates forms before a plug, so that the weapon cannot function. In addition the flour powder the characteristic comes had itself in the case of transport in the barrels to entmischen. Straight on the jerk leagues horse trucks came it to it to transport the three basic elements in layers were often present.

Flour powder was often used in former times as blowing up powder, in mortars, in fire balls or as a so-called ignition herb in stone lock, wheel lock or Luntenschlosswaffen. Today it is used in fireworks rockets or

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