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The fleet hundred is a note of the German empire. It was from 1911 to 1925 valid currency.

Value side

To the value side of the note are outgoing from left:

  • Water-mark (picture by emperor Wilhelm I.)
  • 100 in numbers
  • Serial number beside the God messenger Hermes, and worth-pay-rising up eagle
  • Reference to punishment with falsification
  • Signature realm note, one hundred Marks, disbursement warranty, pressure date,
  • Two imperial seals, signatures of the realm bank board of directors,
  • In the background of jets put around emperor crown
  • With ear ring decorated, young woman, under it value-pay-rising up eagle, serial number
  • Reference to punishment with falsification

Illustrated page

On the illustrated page are outgoing from left:

  • the signature "one hundred Marks "
  • Imperial fleet
  • Utensils (plow, anvil, package, Hermesstab)
  • Oak (the serial number carrying)
  • prepared Germania
  • Picture is put around by plants, which carry the value number
  • Water-mark with serial number, and declared value

Historical background

Beginning 20. Century tried to develop the German empire among emperors Wilhelm II. a modern and powerful deep-sea fleet. Due to special imperial preferences fleet representations appear particularly frequent in this time. Therefore this note in the vernacular was called "fleet hundreds ".

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