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Flashpulver, also lightning bang powder mentioned, is a highly explosive chemical mixture that of an oxidizing agent and a metallic powder consists.


Flashpulver burns approximately ten times faster than black powders and twenty times so with high energy, why already small quantities produce a bang.

like the K0212 contain approximately 13 g Flashpulver, which leads to an extreme detonation. Flashpulver was used until recently still in bird fright. A bird fright had approx. 1 g Flashpulver, which made it the loudest German While handling Flashpulver largest caution is required, since it reacts very sensitively to impacts and warmth. Who builds a Lunte into a bird fright, risks with losing its eyes and also finger. Above all Chinese is manufactured with high quantities of Flashpulver and sold among other things in Poland and Bulgaria cheaply, but the uncontrolled ignition of the friction head can lead to death.


After the German law no fire works with Flashpulver may be sold or used in Germany because of their danger. Likewise it is expressly forbidden introducing articles like the probably most well-known Pirat Petarden in any way to Germany.

See also: Bang powder

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