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To take over fjord LINE 1993 as subsidiary of the transport enterprise Rutelaget mountains AS based around the new to Denmark. The head office is in mountain today operates the shipping company of 3 ships, which drive on all year round two international of and to Norway.


The transport enterprise Rutelaget mountains was created 1950. First the task of the enterprise consisted of maintaining the local and bus enterprise between the island and mountains. In addition the enterprise operated a between Stavanger and mountains as well as a on the Boknafjord.1992 decided the shipping company the admission of a between mountains and Egersund as well as Hanstholm in Denmark. To the 1980er it had already given a between mountains and Stavanger after Hirtshals in Denmark, those from the shipping company to Fred. Olsen was operated. After the fusion of the two societies on 1 January 1995 the enterprise under the name fjord LINE AS was resumed. In the autumn 1997 the fjord LINE transferred the ship ms Lygra of the company Seatrans AS, in order to be able to use it as additional ship for cargo. Today this ship operates mainly between Egersund and Hanstholm.Im autumn 1998 took over fjord LINE the between mountains, strike-healthy and Stavanger of the shipping company Color Line.Das financial year 2002 became a very successful year for the fjord LINE - with good economic results and a new record with the passenger number. One began to look around for a larger ship for the Denmark line because there was a large need for an extension of the capacity here. The economic development excited attention - also with the competitors. one became in the case of transport OF Tasmania, ehem. "M/S Peter Pan" as "M/S Spirit OF Tasmania" had presented since September 2002 in Sydney. After transfer as "M/S Spir" after Frederikshavn was complex reconditioned the ship and placed in April 2003 as "M/S fjord Norway" on the Denmark route in service.

Ships and connections

  • Ms fjord Norway - England and Denmark line
  • Ms Atlantic Traveller - Denmark line
  • MV Lygra - cargo ship (England and Denmark line)

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