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The first Karnataka war (1744-1748) was a British-French colonial war in India. It took place in the course of the arguments in the Austrian succession war. It is designated after the southIndian region Karnataka, in which most of the fighting took place.

In the center 18. Century France and Great Britain had become the main rivals on the Indian Subkontinent. In the course of the Austrian succession war Joseph Dupleix, the French governor general tried to conquer bases of the British eastIndian company all to attain more influence.

The British tried unsuccessfully Pondicherry, the head office of the Frenchmen to conquer during it the Frenchmen under admiral Bertrand Mah de La Bourdonnais succeeded 4 September 1746 WAD-race to conquer. WAD-race was at this time the capital of the British WAD-race Presidency - which covered the largest part of south India. Robert Clive, which had later substantial portion of the reason of British power in India, came thereby into shank. La Bourdonnais left WAD-races again against a Kontribution of 9 million Livres. On the other hand Dupleix opposed and let La Bourdonnais arrest.

The second Aachener peace, which was signed on 18 October 1748, terminated the fighting. It regulated the mutual return of conquests between England and France. The conflict should flash however short time on it in the second Karnataka war again.

The Karnataka wars

  • First Karnataka war (1744-1748)
  • Second Karnataka war (1751-1754)
  • Third Karnataka war (1758-1763)


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