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Female Ejakulation those, with an intensive desire experience connected, is usually called stossweise release of a secretion of the Prostata tool Nina, who can be experienced by approx. a third of the women irregularly. The Ejakulat is a colorless and aqueous liquid, which is produced in the paraurethralen glands (Bartholin' glands). One calls these glands frequently also female Prostata. A concrete smell specification cannot be determined. The smell depends thus on the woman, their and number of Ejakulationen. The Ejakulat is selected with the high point by two tiny exits directly beside the urethra opening. Therefore the Ejakulat is often regarded as urine. In the pornography this liquid output is called Squirting (of English tons squirt, squirt/spray).


This female Ejakulation became for the first time in the 70's-years 17. Century of the Netherlands Anatomen Reinier de Graaf described, who referred also to a particularly sensitive zone in the front sheath wall, which it brought with the Prostata of the man in connection, and which were described 1950 of the German Ernst on its search for the vaginalen desire center of the woman as G-zone.

Until far in late 20. Century inside was usually explained the female Ejakulation with a spontaneous urine outlet as consequence one by the Orgasmus to caused control loss over the blister closing muscle. 1981 knew the female Ejakulation for the first time of F. Addiego et al. (The journal OF Sex Research, 17:13 - 21) in a case study to be proven. The phenomenon is nevertheless still in experts disputed. Sufficient facts are not present so far.


Already Ernst noticed 1950 in his article that with the female Ejakulation set free secretion differs clearly from the urine and actually in its composition the Prostatasekret similar is.

The female Ejakulation effected usually in the Orgasmusphase of the Sexualreaktion and is favoured by the Stimulation of the zone ("the G-point "). As within most ranges of the sexual desire feeling also the female Ejakulation can by learning processes is affected, runs usually however automatically and like the Ejakulation of the man reflektorisch is possibly steered. Largely scientific work put on and methodically perfect to the Ejakulation of the woman is missing however so far.

The general helplessness in the occupation with the topic shows the following quotation: "Above all, release OF fluid is A normally function for some women and of does emergency require surgery or medication ton make it go away. "(At all the release of liquid is not with some women a normal procedure and requires surgical or medicamentous measures for removal.)

Regardless of all ambiguity and speculations some Sexualwissenschaftler hold the opinion that the female Ejakulation is an indication of highest excitation: In addition asked women are to have described this as completely particularly intensively and desireful "dissolving "and their associated Orgasmus. Whether it concerns with the procedure squirting or flowing and whether the scientific accurate classification of the may succeed or not, is with this experience not from importance.

Some women experience the liquid as glassily/transparent, others again report of milchigen Ejakulationen. Also the Ejakulation differs from woman to woman between very strong wetness formation and proper squirting. Some can successfully prevent the female Ejakulation and to others succeed this under no circumstances. Scientific studies report of a larger number of women, who suddenly feel an alleged urine urge during the Sexualverkehrs and then "block this". In the reality it was however no urine urge, but the announcement of the female Ejakulation. The question is now open whether the women would experience a stronger Orgasmus, if they gave way to this announcement. Reasons for this "blocking" are the fear of sudden urination during traffic and the associated Blamage with the Sexualpartner or in addition, concerning the concern cleanliness in the dear nest.


Ernst "The Role OF Urethra in Female Orgasm "in: The internationally journal OF Sexology, volume of 3, NO 3, pp. 145-148, 1950

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