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The is agricultural equipment and serves primarily for the production of quality Silage, i.e. basic fodder for milk cows and bull mast enterprises.

Different harvested crop like for example grass, Luzerne, corn is gathered or cut off with special attachments and supplied to the chaff aggregate of the The of the chaff property can be changed by different attitude and adapted thus to the needs.

Conceptionally caused the harvested crop is supplied after the (to cut up), by means of - also accelerator mentioned - beside-driving transport vehicle.

This harvest procedure is always a teamwork between and the driver of the transport vehicle. These are usually large tractors with large volume trailers 30-50 m In some countries partially also LKWs are used as transport vehicles. The harvested crop is driven, unloaded from the field to a silo and festgewalzt and consolidated afterwards by large tractors or also wheeled loaders. The finished silo is hermetically covered with a sturdy foil.

After the the Silage can be fed to the animals.

The continued to develop in the course of the years ever to maximum output machines. In former times still pulled was used. The first self drivers came at the beginning of of 1970 on the market. Today world-wide annually about 2000 self-propelled are sold.

World market leader with the production of self-propelled (SFH) is the company Claas in the Harsewinkel.

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