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Feeder is a term from giessereitechnik and the outdated name for risers.

A feeder is to avoid the piping in a cast part and has different tasks in a mold:

  • Controlling of the solidification direction
  • Reconciliation of the volume decrease during the phase transition liquid/celebration
  • Exhaust of the mold during the casting procedure (exception: Blindspeiser)

The form of feeders is usually cylindrical and from the mold led out, rare spherical and as Blindspeiser (feeder is completely hidden of the plastic material).

The cylinders and/or spherical shape due to the good to very good volumes/surfaces relationship (characteristic number for speed of solidification) is selected.

"Feeder variants": Isolating feeder, exotherm feeder: By isolation, and/or additional the feeder after the casting procedure, the feeder dimensions heat can be kept smaller, which leads to a material saving.

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