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The Federal Statistical Office raises, collects and analyzes statistic information to economics, society and environment. The prepared information is published up to date in approximately 390 statistics.

To legal embodied tasks of the statistic federal office the supply belongs more objectively, qualititativ high-quality and independent information. Further it is responsible for the methodical-technical preparation of a multiplicity of statistics and ensures for it that this coordinates, according to uniform methods and to be provided in time. For this the Federal Statistical Office co-operates closely in accordance with the state principle with the statistic offices of the 16 countries. Each official statistics requires a legal basis to its execution and publication, i.d.R. a law or a statutory order. One of the most important bases places here the law over the statistics for federal purposes, into which elementary of the official statistics are regulated.

The president of the statistic federal office is since 2 October 1995 Johann Hahlen. In the context of this function he is a federal returning officer traditionally also at the same time.

Ranges of topics

The Federal Statistical Office publishes statistics to the following ranges of topics:

  • Geografie
  • Population
  • Gainful employment
  • Elections
  • Education and culture
  • Social security benefits
  • Health service
  • Justice
  • Building and living
  • Environment
  • Land and forestry
  • Producing trade, handicraft
  • Domestic trade, guest trade, tourism
  • Traffic
  • Money and credit, services
  • Foreign trade
  • Enterprise, trade announcements
  • Prices
  • Wages and salaries
  • Accounts and time budget
  • Finances and taxes
  • Economical Gesamtrechnungen

Publications can be referred and downloaded over the statistics Shop (partly liable to pay the costs).


The Federal Statistical Office has its head office with seven departments of in Wiesbaden, further two departments is in the branch in Bonn. The moreover one the Federal Office operates the highlight in the Federal Capital Berlin and informs there members of the German federal daily, the Federal Government, the messages and federal authorities, trade associations as well as prospective customers from the region Berlin Brandenburg. Altogether the Federal Statistical Office has approximately 2800 persons employed.

In Wiesbaden the Federal Statistical Office operates besides the largest special library for statistics in Germany.

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