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The Federal Mogul corporation is a global active supplier of components, modules and systems for the automobile industry (both in and Aftermarket). Federal Mogul was created 1899 in Detroit and has its head office in Southfield, Michigan (in close proximity to Detroit). Federal Mogul employs world-wide approx. 45,000 coworkers in 130 works.

In Germany belong to (piston) in Nuremberg after assumptions in the 90's the Goetze group in Burscheid, Dresden, Friedberg (piston rings) and Herdorf, the Glyco Metallwerke in Wiesbaden (sliding bearing and sockets), and to Federal Mogul.

The today's Federal Mogul Nuremberg GmbH in Nuremberg (based 1924 as , late Alcan) produces with approx. 1000 coworkers pistons for vehicle manufacturers like e.g. VOLKSWAGEN, MAN commercial motor vehicles AG, DaimlerChrysler or BMW. Vorranging are developed and produced pistons for diesel engined vehicles. Nuremberg is likewise seat of the technology center for piston production.

The Federal Mogul Wiesbaden GmbH & CO. Kg in Wiesbaden ski stone (based 1897 as Glyco of metal works GmbH) was acquired 1990 by Federal Mogul, when successively the shareholder families Daelen and Hoffmann sold their portions of Federal Mogul. In Wiesbaden sliding bearings, sockets and approach disks for automobile engines and industrielle applications are manufactured. Likewise semi-finished material are manufactured and marketed, like e.g. bronze begossenene flat band steel for sliding bearing production. The work Wiesbaden busily approx. 1600 coworkers and is likewise seat of the global technology center for sliding bearings.

The Federal Mogul Burscheid GmbH in Burscheid (in former times Goetze AG) produces with approx. 1700 coworkers piston rings; likewise the world-wide technology center for piston rings is resident in Burscheid. Further locations of the group of piston rings in Germany are Dresden and Friedberg (here likewise production of cylinder liners).

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