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The Federal Ministry for health (short Ministry of Health or BMG), is a Ministry of the Federal Republic of Germany (see also Federal Government). It is the highest German authority of the health service.

The Ministry has its head office in Bonn and its second service seat in Berlin.


The Federal Ministry for health was created 1961 and integrated 1969 the Federal Ministry for family and youth, which was called from now on Federal Ministry for youth, family and health (today Federal Ministry for family, seniors, women and youth).

1991 took place the new direction of the Federal Ministry for health. 2002 were extended it by the range social and renamed in Federal Ministry for health and social safety device (BMGS). 2005 were reduced it the health, the social went to the Federal Ministry for work and social.


Federal Ministers for health (1961-1969 as well as 1991-2002 and since 2005) and/or Federal Ministers for health and social safety device (2002-2005) were:

  • 1961-1966: Dr. Elisabeth black head (CDU)
  • 1966-1969: Strobel (SPD)
  • 1991-1992: Gerda Hasselfeldt (CSU)
  • 1992-1998: Refuge Seehofer (CSU)
  • 1998-2001: Andrea Fischer (alliance 90/Die the Green)
  • since 2001: Ulla Schmidt (SPD)

Tasks of the BMG

  • Preservation of the efficiency
    • the legal health insurance
    • the nursing care insurance
  • Safety device and advancement of the quality of the health service
  • Stabilization of the interests of the female patients and patients
  • Safety device of economy and stabilization of the rates of contribution
  • Health care and prevention
    • Infection law for the protection
  • Development of framework regulations for the production, clinical examination, permission, selling ways and monitoring of medicaments and medicine products. The goals thereby are:
    • Quality, medical effectiveness and safety
    • Security of biological medicaments such as blood products
  • Prevention of the drug and craze dangers
  • Prevention, rehablitation and obstruction politics
    • medical and vocational rehablitation
    • Severely disabled right
    • Support and promotion of handicapped humans
  • European and international public health policy; assigned are thereby among other things:
    • Drug-assigned the Federal Government
    • Representative of the Federal Government for the interests of handicapped humans
    • Assigned the Federal Government for the interests of the female patients and patients


The BMG has the serving and specialized supervision over the following authorities:

  • Bundesinstitut for medicaments and medicine products (BfArM) in Bonn
  • Federal center for health clearing-up (BZgA) in Cologne
  • German Institut for medical documentation and information (DIMDI) in Cologne
  • Paul Ehrlich institute (PEI, Federal Office for serums and vaccines) in being enough (Hessen)
  • Robert institute for cook (RKI) in Berlin

Place, address

Federal Ministry for health
Friedrichstrasse 108
10117 Berlin


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