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The Federal Insurance Office (BVA) is an independent German federal upper authority with seat in the federal city Bonn. It exercises the legal supervision over the federaldirect (i.e. with an extending over more than 3 Lands of the Federal Republic) social security institutions.

The Federal Insurance Office became to 9. May 1956 by the Federal Insurance Office law established and had its seat in Berlin until November 2000. According to Berlin/Bonn law from 26 April 1994 the Federal Insurance Office shifted its seat in response for the removal of the Federal Government to Berlin to Bonn. With the BVA approx. 540 coworkers are busy (conditions: November 2005). Its president is Dr. Rainer

Apart from tasks of supervision (like permission of statutes, examination of the households and the commercial and economic administration) are incumbent on the BVA among other things

  • the management of the Federal subsidies for social security (2004: approximately 79 billion "€),
  • the execution of the risk structure reconciliation of the legal health insurance,
  • the permission of Disease management programs,
  • the administration of the equalization fund of the nursing care insurance (end of 2004:1,22 billion "€),
  • the execution of the financial adjustment under the care cashes (2004: 260 cashes),
  • the tasks of the institute for transition social security and
  • the payment of maternity benefit at not ill employees (approx. 18,000 requests/year).

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