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The feature year, publication year or with printed products also pressure year is the year indicated in the imprint of a publication, in which the work is to have come on the market.

Data in printing elements

Pressure year data of the early modern times earn occasionally substantial caution. In the book trade they signaled above all, how new the title was. Regularly the indication, came a book still before year end on the market, predated on the next year, so that the title could be sold with the next fair as more current. The book advertisement in magazines and newspapers can give occasionally the more exact date here.

Apparently second expenditures earn besides special attention. Of many novels 17. and early 18. Century exist expenditures, which itself with respect to nothing when around one year the differing indication of the publication year on the title page differentiate. An examination of the book block - on differences here often permits the suspicion that the title went off in the first year only not completely. The publisher, who wanted to avoid a past pressure year with current commodity - novels were above all a current, fashionable production -, could exchange title pages of the free books against updated.

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