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The feature place, with Druckerzeignissen often also print location, is the place indicated in the imprint, at which the title is to have been brought on the market - usually the place at that the company is located, which became here verlegerisch active.

Data in printing elements

With Bruckwerken one speaks the place of publication traditionally of "print location" and means with it, also then if the pressure by a printer at another place to be actually managed should; the designation still results from the time of the "printer publishers" (those usually besides still another their own own shop operated).

With several indicated places of publication first is mostly the head office, international branches can be called in the following.

Print locations can be as fictitious as whole Imprints - Cologne was in the early modern times most popular fictitious print location - on title pages a safe indication for the fact that the available writing was explosive (or as allegedly explosive better to sell itself should). Cologne would have been the close French border theoretically for the pressure of international writings outside of of France an ideal location, suffered actually however so strict censorship that printers rather printed of the Hague, Amsterdam and Rotterdam which illegaly to France and legally into the remainder of Europe went. The signal of fictitious print location could give also a fantasy name: Utopia, free city, or far-removes improbable place. Christian Reuter wanted to have in such a way given to the 1690ern the individual volumes of its Schelmuffsky in pc. to Malo, Schelmerode and Rome to the pressure.

Latin the print location data require own expert's assessment in pressures of the early modern times. Important and partially mistake-endangered print location data e.g. are.:

  • Argentorati, Argentoratum: Strasbourg (France)
  • Batava: Passau (Germany)
  • Ebredunum or Eburodunum: either Embrun (France), Yverdon (Switzerland), (France) or (M¤hren)
  • Hammipolis: Hamburg (Germany)
  • Herbipolis: Peppering castle (Germany)
  • Holmia: Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Londinium Gothorum or Londini Scanorum: Lund (Sweden)
  • Lugdunum or Lugdunum (Sequanorum): Lyon (France)
  • Lugduni or Lugdunum Batavorum: Suffer (the Netherlands)
  • Lugidunum: Liegnitz (Poland)
  • Lutetia: Paris (France)
  • or Mompelgartum: (France)
  • Olysippone: Lisbon (Portugal)
  • Ratisbona: Regensburg (Germany)
  • Trajecti or Trajectum ad Rhenum, or Batavorum: Utrecht (the Netherlands)


  • (To print location misalignments on the novel market of the early modern times:) Olaf Simons: Marteaus Europe or the novel, before it became literature (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2001)

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