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The family in animals after Brem grasses is a pseudoscientific psychoanalytische research method for children, with which the rehearsing and is to represent its family members as animals graphically. The method ranks like the Rorschachtest among the projektiven procedures. By graphic application it is to fall the child more easily to express itself conclusion-giving. Children can represent conflicts in the family connection in such a way, without availing itself thereby of the language. The test takes place in a calm atmosphere. The instruction reads that the child is to imagine its family in animals and now draw these animals.

The evaluation of the test effected in "free "interpretation after deep-psychologically or systemically oriented criteria to certain criteria. The authoress gives here an assistance with a catalog of the animal characteristics. As the further criterion are considered the arrangement, size and kind of the animals in the picture:

  • Which family members are drawn in the same
  • Who turns
  • Who from
  • Which spatial distances exist between the family
  • How largely are the animals
  • Which agreements and/or differences are there regarding the kind of the drawn animals (e.g. house or game animals, mammals, insects

Investigations of the University of Vienna resulted in that the family in animal test is objective neither valide, still reliabel or. Differently than with the Rorschachtest the designs are not compellingly A priori insignificant, however by the analyst are subjectively evaluated.

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