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By an explosive one understands a container, which contains an explosive or chemical material. It can concern in addition, a hollow body filled with other materials, which is to cause damage by a pressure wave, by heat or by fragments.

With an explosive concerns in the broader sense in principle a weapon, one uses over to kill to destroy or wound. Explosives are used in war, in the fight and on the hunt on the country or on the water.

Differences become with the military explosives nuclear core or nuclear weapons and biological blowing up weapons, which Toxine, viruses or bacteria to contain to be able. In chemical blowing up weapons gas is contained.

The so-called mobile explosive (hydrogen bombs or atom bombs) is brought e.g. by rockets or torpedoes on distances, in order to explode there. Garnet throwers, and rocket launchers are equipped with explosives. Also hand grenades and bombs are explosives, which play a large role in the international terrorism.

On the hunt for sea mammals and fish harpoons are used, which are provided at the point with explosives and with the impact the animal (for example with the whale) exploded. In the work area there are strict regulations if an explosive or an explosion suspect article is found. In these cases immediately the work is to be interrupted to lock the place of discovery off and to inform the responsible authority.

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