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The IVTH European Union Latin America summits of 12. May and 13. May 2006 in Vienna was a summit conference of the state and heads of the government of the European Union countries and the states of Latin America as well as the Karibik. It continued the 1999 strategic partnership begun of the two regions with that altogether fourth conference. Its basic data were:

  • Preparing minister of foreign affairs meeting at the 11. May in the evening
  • Summit of the 61 state and heads of the government to 12. May
(apart from the plenum also participation in 3 ranges of topics)
  • EULAC Business Summit to 12. May
  • Subregionale meeting to 13. May
(altogether 12. /13. May over 200 discussion circles)
  • Meeting places: Viennese fair center and lock

Topics and problems

The summit took place in the context of the European Union presidency of Austria and stood under the general topic "the stabilization of the bi-regional strategic association ". It was concerned apart from topics of the political-economical co-operation, the external relations and the social problem of South America among other things with the European Union-Mercosur-negotiations.

The last these negotiations failed 2004 and the discussions in the last months carefully again were only taken up. The time of the meeting prepared for months was selected by European Union and South America before a favorable commercialpolitical-diplomatic background: The Viennese European Union summit the trade negotiations within amended framework could continue few months after end of the last Minister conference of the world trade organization World Trade Organization in Hong Kong - with many questions remained unsettled -. The tough negotiation process of the last years shows that it is hardly possible in the framework for the World Trade Organization, the economical-economic variety of the member countries and topics to become fair.

To the summit, which is called officially IVTH European Union-Latin America-Karibik summit, 61 heads of state and several 100 high politicians came from the 35 involved amerikan. Countries and the 25 European Union states as well as from Romania and Bulgaria. Some of them participated also in parts of the simultaneous alternative summit. The Austrian Federal Capital muster about 1,500 policemen per day, in order to ensure the security of the state guests. It was the largest meeting of state and government representatives since the Viennese congress in the year 1815.

Parallel to this conference takes place from NGOs of organized alternative summits, on which possibilities for the improvement of the living conditions as well as the role by European industrial trusts in Latin America one discusses.

Work meeting of the ministers of foreign affairs

At the 11. May, the eve of the European Union Latin America summit, took place the last preparation meeting EUROPEAN UNION and American minister of foreign affairs. They advised the text "of the Viennese explanation ", which was to be adopted by the state and heads of the government. The advice chairman Ursula Plassnik (Austria) sees "fresh wind" in the multilateral discussions, in those also the UN reform, the commission for peace consolidation, the drug fight and topics of the lasting development was treated.

Since the European union is the largest giver in the range of development co-operation for the area Latin America/Karibik, the agreement gave the possibility to 2007-2013 over the European Union budget of guaranteeing "the necessary means also for the next years". Important topics are as per Plassnik also the social co-operation, vulnerability smaller managing and the role of the women "in a post office conflict company, during peace creation and peace promotion". Zursehr complex drug problem, in which above all Bolivia (see Evo Morales) and Colombia new ways is to walk on, the mechanism of co-operation already existing is developed further.

The next "EU-LAK" - conference takes place 2008 in Peru.

Subregionale meeting

Since the summit apart from political goals pursues also a deepened co-operation in the development and economic policy and aims at in particular the beginning of a foreign trade zone European Union-Mercosur, the negotiations become on Saturday, 13. May 2006 in subregionalen meetings intensifies.

The multilateral-political topics in the following subranges are negotiated:

  • III. European Union Mexico summit
  • II. European Union Chile summit
  • II. European Union-Mercosur summit
  • II. European Union central America summit.

Furthermore the Austrian federal chamber of economics with their South American partners and different projects of the 11 organizes. - 13.Mai the EU-LAC Business Summit.

Results, statements and problems

After end of the summit on Friday evening rose the question whether apart from "the Viennese explanation "also more concrete results would be present. In an ORF interview the European Union advice chairman called, of Austria Foreign Minister Ursula Plassnik three concrete points:

  • Assures to the European Union for more scholarships to South American students in Europe
  • Agreed upon protection for human right activists, what had been demanded among other things by NGO delegations of the simultaneous alternative summit
  • an aid programme for Haiti, which was decided on suggestion of Chile.

South American heads of state praised the intensive and lively discussions , the however large political differences of some countries clarified. Was remarkable the controversy between the advocates of the free trade (European Union and Central America) and those, which want to limit the power of the international companies also against existing right. Strong criticism was expressed at Bolivia and Venezuela, those for their part the bilateral contracts of some states with the USA as new dependence criticized (already in April Austria had expressed, see something similar bishops 2.Weblink).

Evo Morales (Bolivia) defended the remunerationless nationalization of the natural gas extraction, assured however to more (future) right security for investors. It and of Venezuela head of state Hugo Chavez see itself as fighters for "the small people "; latter snubbed the organizers of two receipts (European Union and Austria) and took instead at discussions of the alternative scene part. Venezuela withdrew few weeks ago from and close A SHANk, which makes now the trade negotiations more difficult with the European Union.

UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan, CO chairmen Wolfgang dish and others stressed the meaning of multilateral development co-operation that however right security was the basis for it. Brazil forced in the meantime the market for Biosprit, in order to be more independent of energy imported goods from Bolivia, and strives to 2010 the lastingness with fuel production on (at present already to 45%).

On Friday the Argentine and Umweltaktivistin Evangelina Carrozzo came into the impact showing, by arising in Bikini dressed in an environmental poster in the hand.

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