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European carriage dog/Scandinavian Hound
Not FCI recognition
Country of originScandinavia
NameEuropean carriage dog, Scandinavian Hound, German Trail Hound
to 72 cm, dog smaller
Weight up to 34 kg, dog more easily
List of the dog races

The European carriage dog and/or Scandinavian Hound is not of the FCI recognized European dog race.

Origin and historical

Since the 50's 20. Century began one in Scandinavia with it to drive carriage dog running with German short hair and English pointers as well as the Scandinavian Hound (crossings with Huskys). In the course of the time this type of dog on European running became generally accepted ever more, 1998/88 all open running in Alaska with this type of dog was won.

The Scandinavian Hound and/or European carriage dog is no race in the actual sense separate rather a type of dog, which is bred in different lines in function breed. The breed components are beside English pointer and German short hair also some Scandinavian managing dogs. The slim, hochbeinige figure and the relatively short hair are remarkable. It resembles rather a wind dog as the traditional compact and rather langhaarigen carriage dogs. It is characterised by unrestrained run joy and has a outstanding Athletik. By its pronounced social behavior it hardly comes into large groups to conflicts. It commits itself strongly at humans, learns easily, and has the desire it to that right to mash ago constantly make.

Despite its appearance atypical for cold areas it gets along with temperatures to approximately minus 25 "°C well. With sharp wind it is to be put on however usually the dogs a body protection in the form of covers. With the Yukon Quest or Iditarod these covers since years also the substantially more thickly behaarten Alaskan Huskies are put on.


The European carriage dog is an elegant dog: become large and 34 kg heavy to 72 cm, dogs are somewhat smaller and easier. It has short, but close skin with very much Unterwolle in all colors and usually medium sized Schlapp or break ears. Persevering in addition, as a carriage dog it is much, has large Sprintpotential


Carriage dog of the new type, by its connection at humans also outstanding family dog. Develops compared with the traditional carriage dogs slowly and is often only in the third Lebensjahr operational

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