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Europay (Austria), exact Europay Austria of exchange systems GmbH, is Issuer and/or publisher of the MasterCard, Quick and Maestro in Austria. Europay Austria is in the property of the Austrian banks:

BA-CA (24,0%) BAWAG PSK (20,7%) first bank (20,5%) OeVAG (8,3%) RZB (12,8%) other one (13,7%)

EPA is market leader of the credit instruments in Austria. In the April of the yearly 2005 Europay Austria celebrated the 25-year old existence. Zurzeit are forced innovative product renewals like the digital signature on the Maestro (Bankomatkarte).

Managing directors are Mr. Neubauer (chairman) and Dr. Judt. The supervisory board of the EPA is led by Erwin Erasim. The company headquarters is in the third Viennese municipality district of the city Vienna in the proximity of the u and rapid-transit railway yard "highway".

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