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Etan Patz (* 9 October 1972 in New York, NY, the USA; "† unknown), son New Yorker photo graphs of the Stanley "Stan" Patz. It disappeared to 25. May 1979 without trace in its hometown.

The events

Etan Kalil Patz, son of a wealthy Jewish New Yorker family, lived older sister Shira in the artist and gallery quarter of SoHo (Manhattan) in the southern part of Manhattans to it in the morning 25 with his parents, its 4 years younger brother Ari and its 2 years. May 1979 at the age of 6 1/2 years on the way from its parents' house to the school bus without trace disappeared. Etans nut/mother, Julie Patz, had permitted it for first time to go the short distance to the school bus alone. It accompanied it to the looked to it afterwards to it the only road crossing had crossed, which lay between parents' house and bus stop. Afterwards it returned to the house, convinced of the fact that Etan would master the last 50 meters up to the stop alone. When Etan did not return in the afternoon of this daily from the school and it experienced its nut/mother that he had not at school been on this day, informed her immediately the police.

A large-scale search action, which was already introduced on the same day, did not bring a success. Already on the following day Etans father Stan Patz, an occupation photo graph ensured, for which spreading of a Farbportraits of its missed son, which was present in the weeks following on it in New York on missing posters, in addition, in supraregional newspapers and in the television everywhere. Also blood dogs were used to determine in order to find Etans trace, but all efforts its whereabouts failed. A large Medienrummel developed around the case of a missing person of the Etan Patz, numerous references from the population held the police first in breath. When however after two weeks still no hot trace led to the place of residence Etans, the search action was finally stopped.

Etans parents moved not and kept their old telephone number, which had by heart learned Etan, in hope, it a daily would always announce themselves by telephone or again would emerge, but the following years passed without each reference to its fate.

A first trace

When in the year 1982 a street trader was arrested of the New Yorker police, because he had allegedly tried, two boys into a sewer, in which it had furnished itself a provisional lodging to lure for the first time something movement came into the case of a missing person Etan Patz. When the police the accused one of named Jose Antonio Ramos going by asked whether he can say something about the whereabouts of Etan Patz, he denied something about Etan to know, indicated however to know the woman who had accompanied Etan regular during a school bus strike on behalf the Patz family to the school. This was a first trace, one had Ramos to however again dismiss, since no sufficient proofs for an accusation were present. Again years without further realizations passed in case of Etan Patz.

The suspicion consolidates itself

In the year 1985 Federal Prosecutor Stuart GraBois got the case Patz assigned. His superior at that time Chief Federal Prosecutor Rudy Giuliani, the later New Yorker mayor, required to do all only erdenkliche of GraBois, in order to obtain a condemnation in case of Etan Patz. GraBois decided to ask Ramos again and should thereby a further milestone in the case Etan Patz set. Ramos, which served a detention in the meantime because of sexual annoyance of a boy, however long any longer with counted with the disappearing of Etan Patz in connection to be brought fell from all clouds and did not confess, by day disappearing Etan, a boy, whom he wanted to have recognized later on the basis the missing photos with 90-prozentiger security than Etan Patz into its dwelling at that time to have carried forward. It removed for the boys in the Washington Square park, carried met about 2 of block of Etans parents' house and it forward thereafter into its flat let for rent in the nearby quarter Lower East Side. There it wanted to entice the boys sexually. Since this however no interest in it showed, it had accompanied it after a walk in its accomodation to a stop of the New Yorker underground, of where from the boy to an aunt to Washington Heights, wanted to drive to a quarter lain in the north Manhattans. There it separated from Etan.


In the summer 2000 the New Yorker police scanned again the former dwelling of the suspected Ramos in the Lower East Side to be able to guarantee now in hope DNA traces of Etan Patz which would have been not yet evaluable in earlier years for technical reasons. In addition, this renewed attempt of the proof identification remained without usable result.

Julie and Stan Patz requested end of the yearly 2000 finally with a heavy heart the official declaration of death Etans with court, which was confirmed on 19 June 2001. This office act opened to them the way to a compensation complaint because of illegal killing, to which 2002 one allowed.

In the year 2004 Ramos was finally explained by the responsible court in the civil proceedings responsible for death by Etan Patz and condemned as the achievement of a payment of damages of 2 millions US-$, since he refused itself under oath taking to several questions of the court regarding his possible act participation in a presumed killing of Etan Patz position. Etans parents want to prevent by this step that Ramos from history can strike capital.

Criminally Ramos could not be made responsible up to the today's day for death Etans. But for Etans parents the fight does not have an end: Etans father Stanley sends each year to the presumed author Ramos to Etans birthday as well as on day of Etans disappearing a picture of its son. On the back it writes each time: "Which you have my small son ".


  • Ramos to a Mitinsassen in the prison: "Etan is DEAD. There is NO body, and there wants more never A body. (Etan is dead. There is no corpse and it a corpse will never give.)"
  • Stan Patz in an interview on CBS: "He's A predator, and he should more never allowed ton near children again, He should kept behind bars until he's too old ton mill. (It is a Raubtier and it should it again be never permitted to come into the proximity from children to. It should be kept behind lattices, not be gone to it any longer can.)
  • Stan Patz ebenda "For ME, it is enough that he's behind Wave, No. It isn't. I really DO want him tons admit it. " (It is sufficient for me that it is behind No, is not enough. I really wish myself that he admits it)
  • Julie Patz in an interview on CBS: "I mean, incoming goods have his belongings all more over the house, ton of PUT them away is saying tons of US, and ton our children that he's gone and he's emergency coming bake. (I mean, generally speaking house am its things to away-add it for us and our children would mean that we him as lost to regard and he will not any longer return.)"

Day of the missed children

In the year 1983 Ronald Reagan in the memory explained to the 25 to the day of disappearing Etan Patz. May by legal order to the official, national anniversary for missed children.


  • "Without A trace", feature, the USA, 1983, of Stanley R. Jaffe


  • John Douglas, The Abduction OF Etan Patz: The True story OF the Crime That Ended the Age OF Innocence, 2004, Simon and shoemaker

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