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Escape assistance as the assistance to the escape into another country designates very different things.

On the one hand it can be the humanitarian assistance for member of a group of humans, those in a country politically pursued or by genocide threatened is as for instance the Jews of the Holocaust, on the other hand one it can be a commercial action, which helps to flee humans from a country, who are not directly threatened, but want to leave it for political or economic reasons (once leaving the country can be the main difficulty (example GDR) or finding a state, which is ready for input, as in case of boat people. Finally it can call in addition, escape assistance (in the second sense) camouflaged slave trade, if tractors persons transfer into a country, in order to then use their illegal status, in order to force or hold also in modern slavery it to prostitution.

Everything these forms of curse assistance whether criminally, commercially or humanitarian, come into conflict with the national authorities, for the defense of illegal immigration (escape defense) its borders to a large extent close (Schengener agreement, right of asylum, Geneva refugee convention).

Escape assistance can designate certainly also the assistance to the escape from a prison, from a concentration camp or from modern slavery.

Escape assistance occasionally also the humanitarian action is called, those humans to help tried, who were brought by scruplesless escape aids in mortal danger, as for instance in the case boat people. With the criticism at such actions to the fact it is referred that the humanitarian aid extorts the state, which does not want to permit the illegal immigration. A well-known example from more recent time is the action of the Cap Anamur in July 2004 before Italy. Similarly stored, but no humanitarian action, but the attempt of illegal migration was the travel the exodus 1947 in the British mandate time of Palestine, with which it came when applying the ship by the British navy to three victims under the emigration-willing.

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