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Erwin E. of Beckerath (* 31. July 1889 in Krefeld; "† 23 November 1964 in Bad Godesberg), German economist, who taught in Cologne, Bonn and Basel state and economic science. B. is cousin of the economist Herbert of Beckerath.


Beckerath ranks after walter Eucken, Franz and Hans Grossmann Doerth among the representatives of the Ordo liberalism. Besides Beckerath was member of the class IV of the academy for German right, which was led by Jens Jessen and the working group political economy within this class, which did not stop the realm in March 1943 as" war-importantly ", led. This working group found its unofficial continuation under the designation" working group Erwin of Beckerath ", which in the historiography also" third Freiburger circle "is called. Its members were close to the admitting church Dietrich Bonhoeffers more or less clearly. Since 1948 up to his death 1964 was B. of chairmen of the scientific adviser at the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, which continued in certain respects also the tradition of the" working group Erwin of Beckerath ".


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