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Ernst baron von Wolzogen (* 23 April 1855 in Breslau; "† 30 June 1934 in Puppling when wolf advice living) was a society-critical writer, composer and the founder of the Kabaretts in Germany.


Ernst von Wolzogen originated from Tiroler and down-Austrian aristocracy and by an English Gouvernante was educated. It studied German literature, philosophy and history of art in Strasbourg and Leipzig. Afterwards it was Vorleser of the Grand Duke of Saxonia Weimar iron oh. 1882 it moved to Berlin, where he became only a publisher's reader and then free writer.

From 1892 to 1899 it lived in Munich, where it created the free literary society. Then it returned to Berlin and brought with the (the term was obviously meant Nietz term of the "superhuman" as ironical allusion on Friedrich) the first German Kabarett into being. This project of a small art stage did not prove however as very long-lived, so that it pulled 1905 to Darmstadt. finally 1918 he came to Bavaria and established themselves in Puppling when wolf advice living. It died on 30 June 1934 at the age of 79 years.

Ernst von Wolzogen is the father of the film producer and director Hans von Wolzogen.

Artistic work

As a writer he wrote above all socialcritical novels; its autobiography is conservatively colored. Its grave is on the cemetery Kalbsrieth.

Works (in selection)

Novels and narrations

  • The children of Excellency, novel, 1888
  • The mad Komtess, novel, 1890
  • The cool blond one. Berlin custom pictures in two volumes, 1891
  • The successor to the throne, novel in two volumes, 1892
  • The good crocodile and other stories from Italy, 1893
  • The derailed ones. A disaster in seven days together with one previous evening, 1894
  • The hereditary creeping gutters, novel in two volumes, 1895
  • The Gloriahose. ' s Meikatel and the Sexack. Two stories, 1897
  • The strength Mayr. A humoristic musi edge novel, 1897
  • Stories of dear sweet , novellas, 1898
  • The third sex, novel, 1899
  • A royal woman. And other stories of Munich carnival, 1900
  • The poor , novel in two volumes, 1902
  • Of the Peperl and other rare pieces, 1902
  • From Schnurrpfeifers lie bag. 10 for clever children, 1908
  • The Grand Duchess A.D., novel, 1908
  • The Bible hare. An occurence from the Fridericiani time, novel, 1908
  • My first adventure and other novellas, 1910
  • Leidige beauty, novel, 1910
  • The emperor maneuver and other narrations, 1911
  • The poet in Dollarica. Flower, fruit and pieces of thorn from the fairy tale country of the absolute present, 1912
  • The life rescuer and other narrations, 1912
  • The fire baptism, 1912
  • The gentleman in high boots and other Humoresken, 1913
  • Peter Karn. Life, love and suffering German musi edges, novel, 1914
  • The Kuckucksei and other merry stories, 1914
  • Land tower in the fire, 1915
  • The girl with the swans, three stories, 1916
  • The condemned love, novel, 1919
  • The life rescuer and other narrations, 1921
  • The Erzketzer. A novel of suffering the truthful one, 1924
  • Sem - the fellow citizen, novel, 1924
  • If the old towers fall, novel, 1925
  • North German stories, 1926
  • The battleground of the Heilande, novel, 1926


  • Verses to my life, 1907

Plays and music pieces

  • The Lumpengesindel, 1892
  • The children of Excellency, comedy, 1893
  • Daniela Weert, 1894
  • Fire emergency. A sense poem, music of Richard bunch, 1901
  • The May bride. A Weihespiel in 3 actions, 1909
  • A muzzle clip, play in 5 Aktussen, 1912
  • King Karl, Trauerspiel, 1914
  • Daniel in the lion pit, burleske opera, music of Nikisch, 1914
  • Female, comedy, 1915
  • The whip, play, 1918
  • Fausti Ascension Day or the German devil, dramatic poem, 1926


  • As I brought myself around the life. Memories and experiences, 1922


  • Wilkie Collins. A biographic-critical attempt, 1885
  • George Eliot, 1885
  • Opinions and prospects. Collected studies over music, literature and theatre, 1908
  • Dr Porphyrius Dermenjoglus strange hospital, 1910
  • Hard words, which must be said, 1919
  • Englishman, 1920
  • Open sending letter to the Christian aristocracy of German nation, 1920
  • My lecture book. Serious and cheerful pieces of lecture, 1922
  • Legends of the Edda, 1929

Publisher activity

  • Hans's von Schweinichen: Own biography, 1885
  • Lauensteiner Hexameron or stories of the six of strokes and over there, 1924

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