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Serious R. Rowohlt (* 23. June 1887 in Bremen; "† 1 December 1960 in Hamburg) was a German publisher.


Ernst Rowohlt created 1908 in Leipzig the Rowohlt publishing house. Of its quiet partner and later publisher to Kurt Wolff appeared financially supported in first Ernst Rowohlt publishing house 1908-1913 among other things works of Paul Scheerbart, Herbert owl mountain, Hugo ball, max Dauthendey, Georg Heym, Carl captain, max of Brod, Franz Kafka, Mechthild Lichnowsky, Hermann Harry Schmitz or Arnold branch.

Second Ernst Rowohlt publishing house existed from 1919-1943, third starting from 1946. With it. W. Ceram, Heinrich Eduard Jacob, Robert Musil, Kurt Tucholsky of among other things latter ones Rowohlt a literary monument published among other things set the works of C for the publisher, by letting him appear as literary figure at the beginning of its summer history "lock Gripsholm".

1957 he married his loved Maria of many years Rowohlt geb.

Its older son Heinrich Maria single Rowohlt (* 12. March 1908 in Leipzig; "† 28 February 1992 in new Delhi) took over the majority of the publishing house portions and led this until 1982. Its younger son Harry Rowohlt works today above all than actors and free translators. Rowohlt buried at the cemetery people village in Hamburg.


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