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Ernst Neumann Neander, (* 3 September 1871 in Kassel, "† 3 November 1954 in Rlsdorf, birth name: Ernst Neumann) was a painter and an inventor.

It became famous not only as painter, sculptor, poet and a commercial artist, but mainly as body designer an inventor motorcycle-inspired of automobiles and engine yachts and. He already built his first motorcycle for 1886.

Neumann Neander, mentioned by friends and acquaintance due to its versatility "N3", came over the stopovers Paris, Munich and Berlin 1923-1925 to Euskirchen, of where out he created the company Neander motor vehicle GmbH Rlsdorf in the year 1926 in the 1928 the first own Neumann Neander car produced and since 1935 the first Neumann Neander motorcycles manufactured in Euskirchen.

In the many years of its activity he built the so-called Neander frameworks far over 2.000 motorcycles, which had all a special framework. The license for this framework it sold 1928 to the company Opel. On motorcycles with this framework many running were won.

In it gives a Gedenktafel to the company Macherey & Nagel corner clearing race/Neumann Neander road at the factory building. The famous Neander shed, in which the sayful constructions developed, stands today still.


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