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Ernst Achilles (born in Duisburg, "† 6 February 1999) was a director of upper fire of the city Frankfurt/Main and thus boss Frankfurt occupation fire-brigade.

Achilles studied architecture and became in May 1963 fire advice in Frankfurt/Main. From 1966 to 1989 he was director/conductor of the fire-brigade.

Probably in view of the numerous multistoried building new buildings in Frankfurt/Main after the Second World War busy itself Achilles intensively with the preventing fire protection. It was considered world-wide as one of the prominent fire protection experts and as an expert for the clearing-up of fires with an unclear cause was often ordered. So for example for the fire in an asylum-seekers' hostel in Luebeck 1996. It in honours a place in Frankfurt/Main was designated after it.

Achilles demanded the introduction of helicopters for the fire-brigades in large cities in the sixties as one first, angedacht both for the rescue of persons and the fire fighting.

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