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Erich Roth (* 1910 in Auschwitz; "† (executed) 1947 in Yugoslavia) were section chief IV B1 and B2 (political catholicism and protest anti-mash) and deputy group leaders in the office IV (Gestapo) of the RSHA


Born in Auschwitz, originated from a family from workers and Father had high-worked himself up to the National Railroad upper secretary.

Roth visited a human High School and studied jurisprudence in Jena and Goettingen. It already completed its junior lawyer exam under the LV regime.

The Assessorexamen existed it 1937 with "sufficiently ". After a short activity with the district court it stepped into the services of the Gestapo. In February 1938 it was called up as Assessor into secret office for state police to Berlin.

With beginning of war in October 1939 he was transferred members of the crew administration to Poland and afterwards to the again formed Central Reich Security Office. He took over that church paper IV A 4.

In February 1943 he became director/conductor of the Stapo in Dortmund. At the end of of 1944 it should become special attorney of the RKF (realm commissioner for strengthening the German nationality) in Oslo Norway. The Central Reich Security Office leaned such a transfer off there Roth "in consideration of the present overall situation in the west from its current activity without endangerment of the safetypolice interests under no circumstances extracted" will can.

After 1945

1947 were delivered Roth by French crew power at Yugoslavia. There he was condemned and executed to death.


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