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Erich Ehrlinger (* 14 October 1910 in Giengen to the Brenz; "† 2004) were responsible to and as commanders of the special command 1b for mass murders in the Baltic and in white Russia; he was commander of the state police (BdS) Russia center and afterwards bureau chief in the Central Reich Security Office (RSHA). It did not have a doctor degree sometimes, as one reads.


He was son of the mayor of the city (1929-45). 1928 Abitur in Heidenheim, then law studies in Kiel, Berlin (where it occurred 1931 the SA) and again vlkisch fremdenfeindliche climate at the University of (already in the year 1931 there was no Jewish professor more at the university favoured so some later lawyer "career "in the SD, the RSHA and in the groups of employments. (Dr.Walther Stahlecker, Dr. Erwin wine man, Dr. Martin Sandberger, Dr. Rudolf Bilfinger, Dr. Albert Rapp, Eugen Steimle were "‚pupils of' this LV cadre nS-Kaderschmiede). As a LV student functionary Ehrlinger was not only active at the university. In its SA certificate of good conduct it meant: "Ehrlinger was one of the few connecting students, who already unconditionally put themselves before the seizure of power to the SA at the disposal. [Ehrlinger was] with the Saalschutz, propaganda or area service regularly at the place."

On the occasion of a SA leader training course at the beginning of of 1934 decided to give up to Ehrlinger its legal occupation career and become full-time SA functionary. In the meantime directors/conductors of a SA sport school on castle Rieneck with and functionary with the "boss AW" (SA training nature), it oriented after its dissolution May 1935 over and changed themselves to the SD. Already in September 1935 it was used in the citizen of Berlin SD-principal office.

Ehrlinger was for the SD in Austria (1938) and and in the group staff of the group of employments of IV in Poland (1939/40) in the Einsatz.Im August 1940 it met Prague (April 1939) in Norway with the structure of the there weapon SS his later superior Dr. Walter Stahlecker.Im April 1941 took over it the guidance of the special command 1b within the group of employments of A (aforementioned of Dr. Stahlecker).

Ehrlingers 70-80 men strong unit followed Leningrad after beginning of war against the Soviet Union of the army group north in the Baltic into the area south. It led the mass murder at Jews behind the front, in particular in the area of Kowno (Kaunas), and. On 16 July 1941 by the SD e.g. concerning one announced, by which EK 1b were "up to now 1,150 Jews shot" (event message USSR No. 24). Ehrlinger showed up with these actions "as a hardsimmered SS-author, who anfeuerte even at the shooting pits and the authors" (Wildt): "breitbeinig, with submachine gun, the arms into the hips supported".

In December 1941 he was appointed the commander of the state police and the SD in Kiew. It followed full eagerness to its murder business also here. With the Exekutionen frequently present, he also seized to the weapon, if he the opinion were that the shooting went according to his opinion too slowly.

In September 1943 he was appointed commanders of the state police and the SD Russia center in Minsk and to the There it was involved in the murder in the remaining Minsker Jew and instructed the participation of all officers "it still SS-leaders gives there, that would have delivered so far no shot ".

In the spring 1944 Ehrlinger returned to Berlin and became a boss of the RSHA of office I (personnel). In November 1944 Ehrlinger was carried to the

After 1945

After end of war Ehrlinger hid itself first in Schleswig-Holstein under the name Erich and went then in October 1945 to Roth with Nuremberg. 1950 it pulled with its family after Konstanz and worked under wrong name as a receptionist in the there play casino. he married and revealed 1952 for the second time thereby (without consequences for him) its identity. 1954 he became director/conductor of the Volkswagen agency in Karlsruhe.

In December 1958 it was arrested. From the regional court Karlsruhe in December 1961 to twelve years penintentiary condemned, went the procedure to appointment through the public prosecutor's office back to the first instance, however finally "because of continuing negotiation inability "Ehrlingers 1969 was adjusted.

Ehrlinger had already been since 1965 on free foot.

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  • Wildt, Michael: Generation of the absolute ones - the guidance corps of the Central Reich Security Office: Hamburg: Hamburg edition, 2003 ISBN 3930908751

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