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Eremitage (also Ermitage) in Arlesheim is the largest English landscape garden in the Switzerland similarities with the landscape garden Sanspareil with Bayreuth is unmistakable.

The park was built opened for 1785 on initiative by Balbina of Andlau Staal and their cousin cathedral gentleman Heinrich von Ligerz and.

The Eremitage became one of the main attractions for travelers from completely Europe, who made a stop here on the way of or to Basel. The visitors estimated beautiful nature with the rock cliffs, caves and Weihern. Numerous prominent names in received guest books from that the 18. and the first third 19. Century occupy the admittingness and the popularity of the garden.

There was to it among other things an artificial Wasserfall, a Eremitenklause, a dia. gnawing gang, an artificial tower ruin (the "Temple de l `amour"), a Apollogrotte, a suspension bridge and the "Proserpinagrotte", which were the main attraction of the garden. In this one could saunter and discover in the refined lit up courses an altar, a monster, kite and a crocodile. The center of the garden became 1787 the "Chalet of the Alpes", a genuine whose hall for concerts, dance and flanks was used.

At the end of of 1792 put the land people, revolting itself against the noble authority and encourages by the French revolution, parts of the Eremitage in fire. In the prince diocese Basel invaded French troops destroyed 1793 the remainder of the Eremitage nearly completely. Balbina of Andlau Staal went to 1798 to Freiburg/break into the exile and died there.

1812 returned Heinrich of Ligerz from the exile and helped Balbinas son Conrad of Andlau in the reconstruction of the Eremitage.

Which is to be still seen today, originates from the time around 1812. Blind destruction rage destroyed however since that time much irrevocablly. The tree existence was expenditure-cleared in recent time at large expenditure, in order to re-establish (however more assumed than art-historically perfectly occupied) the impression of the old garden plant. Also the two lower ponds were reorganized and the gardner house as well as the "forest house" were reconditioned. Further restoration work among other things in the Grotten and the future care and use of the Eremitage are discussed.

Also in the Anthroposophie Rudolf Steiners, which let the Goetheanum establish in the close thorn oh, has the Eremitage a great importance.

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