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An equipment support is a commercial motor vehicle, which is predominantly used in the agriculture. It represents an advancement of the classical tractor.


1953 presented the first equipment support to Fendt. This differs from past tractors by the area of cultivation of front. For this the engine was shifted under the operator's cab. Thus a very good view results on front attachments. A further advantage of the system is the area of cultivation of intermediate oh, this is very well suitable e.g. for care work. A very good soil adjustment is reached by the central swivel joint at the GT-cross-beam. With conventional tractors inclination reconciliation is made by the rear axle. With the GT this takes place by means of the front axle, e.g. with operating with front loader is this a large advantage.

Also the so-called one-man system, it was trailblazing made possible by a thought out system the cultivation of heavy devices such as front loaders or Ladepritschen by only one operator.

There is the tractor in different versions with and without all-wheel drive, this is perceptible at the type name.

  • GT: Equipment support
  • GTA: Equipment support all wheel


  • 1953 the first equipment support with 12 HP
  • 1959 award of the DLG (German agriculture company) - price for the Fendt one-man system of the equipment support
  • 1961 100,000 Fendt tractors were sold, of it 60,000 equipment supports
  • 1984 come the first equipment support with all-wheel drive on the market, the GTA 380
  • 1995 present a similar system vehicle to Fendt with the Xylon.
  • 1998 of the 380 GTA turbo with 95 HP and the 370 GTA with 75 HP - the original free view tractors

Since end of 2004 no more equipment supports are built by Fendt.

Beside Fendt there were also different producers, the equipment supports offered (e.g. Lanz, Eicher)

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