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Epilepsy dogs can warn a Epileptiker or its surrounding field that a epileptischer accumulation will begin soon.

In a study of Canadian neurologists could 15 % of the dogs, which live together with a Epileptiker, whose accumulations "forecast", without consciously on it to have ever been trained. 80 % of the dogs with this ability were female. Likewise 80 % of these dogs belonged to the large races (shepherd dog, Rottweiler among other things). That permits the conclusion that over a third of the female, large dogs can indicate epileptische accumulations in the apron.

The dogs in the study forecast an accumulation on the average 2.5 minutes before, some dogs did in addition, several hours before. The dogs often indicated the forthcoming accumulation by frequent licking of the face of the Epileptikers or by Winseln. Often the dogs protected to the Epileptiker also injuries, by preventing it for example before an accumulation to descend stairs.

It is not clarified yet, that the dog recognizes the forthcoming accumulation.

The training of epilepsy dogs still stands at the beginning. Contrary to blind leading dogs or hearing lot dogs, which live first with a coach, the epilepsy dog already comes as seven weeks old puppy to its Epileptiker.


  • A. Kirton et al.: Seizure alerting and - response behaviors in dogs living with epileptic children. Neurology 2004. 62:2303 - 2305.

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