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Enzo Ferrari (* 18 February 1898 in Modena; "† 14 August 1988 in Modena) was a successful running driver and founder of the racing car manufacturer Ferrari.

As a son of an northItalian family in the mountains Enzo Anselmo Fer98 in the region Emilia Romagna was born. The nut/mother was a farmer's wife, the father possessed some lock-making enterprises in the environment. In different Biografien deviating dates of birth are to be due to the registration of its birth due to the then climatic conditions.

Training and Automobiltuning

With completion of its education in the year 1914 Ferrari learned the handicraft of its father in its lock-making. Already in its youth almost exclusively the again arising technology of the combustion engines interested it. Thus it used the paternal enterprise for the perfection of its knowledge in its sphere of interest with initial execution of repairs and later with first developments at engines. Probably the workshop of the Ferraris belonged to the first at the beginning of 20. Century.

Entrance into automobile racing

The activity in line with standard usage in connection with automobiles and arising motorraces in its region, which the motor vehicle fitter besides enticing earning facilities suggested, led to its application as work drivers with the car manufacturer Fiat at the work seat Turin, where one did not adjust it in the absence of appropriate training however.

Savings and private promoters made in the year 1919 the structure of their own vehicle for Ferrari possible, with which it participated from now on privately in running the region and excited first attention in the public. Its knowledge about the increase in output of combustion engines of its time, paired with the ability, already remarkable as a young person to take by its handling the extreme out of the efficiency of a vehicle already brought in in the first months of its start year as a running driver some victories and the attention of the industry, which flowed in an employment as an operating test driver with CMN Construzioni Meccaniche Nazionale for it.

Ferraris of successes increased the of CMN, so that he already ascended after short time to the first work driver, and there his popularity by front placements in different mountain running to strengthen could. Decisive for its change to the renowned running universe Alfa Romeo was the allocation of the fourth place of running Parma, which had at that time supraregional meaning. Already in the year 1920 Enzo became Ferrari chief work driver of the Alfa crew, when to which he got the second place in the Targa Florio, which ranked at that time among the Grand Slams Europe. In the 47 a running, in which Enzo Ferrari to as drivers participated, it caught up over a dozen of victories for Alfa Romeo and was most successful newcomer among the drivers of Italy. Despite these successes Ferrari already considered end of the 20's terminating its career as active running drivers.

The establishment of the running universe Ferrari

1929 created Ferrari its own running universe the "Scuderia Ferrari" with its new seat in Modena (in former times: Milan), which went however further with vehicles from Alfa Romeo to the start. After Ferrari had terminated its active career, he became deputy director/conductor of the Alfa Rome EO team. This co-operation ended 1939 with the edition that Enzo Ferrari was allowed to operate four years long no more racing. The "Scuderia Ferrari" became simultaneous independent running universe. This pulled 1943, after the work in the Second World War of allied bombers was nearly completely destroyed, from Modena to Maranello over. Later the Ferrari team designed three years a racing car and in the year after followed for the first time the first victory.

Ferrari in the formula 1-WM

The Formel-1-Weltmeisterschaft started to 13. May 1950 in Silverstone. Since second running, to 21. May 1950 in Monaco, participates Ferrari as only team and engine manufacturer continuously. Besides the "Scuderia Ferrari" is with 13 driver and 13 technical designer world championships also the most successful Formel-1-Team of all times.

Production of road cars

Since 1946/47 Ferrari manufactures also road cars, which have all together much achievement. Two of the most well-known are the "Dino" and the "Testarossa".

"Dino" was its own mark. Under the name Dino, which comes from Enzo Ferrari son, only road vehicles with V6-Zylinder-Modelle were built (Dino 206 GT and GTS, Dino 246 GT and GTS as well as Dino 208 and 308 in 3 different body specifications). Dino was the pointed name of the firstborn son Alfredo. It advanced the building of an eight cylinder engine in the enterprise and died, before this was completed, at muscle decrease. The racing car with evenly this eight cylinder engine was designated later after it. The type designation lived at the beginning of the 70's, when the first six cylinder sports cars of Ferrari developed because of the sport laws in co-operation with Fiats. To the Homologation of the engine for the formula 2 2000 engines had to be built in series vehicles and this number of items could Ferrari without partners not reach, then it resulted that this engine was used in the Dino by Ferrari and in the Fiat Dino. Also in the Lancia Stratos the aggregate one used.

Enzo Ferrari, which was also called because of its herrischen style "IL Commendatore" or also the kite, led the company up to its death on 14 August 1988.

After Enzo Ferrari is designated now also the newest projectile from the house Ferrari, the Ferrari Enzo Ferrari. Only 359 vehicles are built by him, which are all together already sold. This car will be one the fastest on public roads certified. Maximum speed: 355 km/h.

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