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The engine scythe or a free cutter is equipment to the grass in unclear, small or steep green ranges. The engine scythe is used, where normal or would wear a working by stony, uneven soil fast or due to the Hanglage is not possible.


By means of a wave the rotation will transfer from the engine to to the cut tool, and lets a cutter disc or a thread made of nylon or metal rotate, which reduces the too grass.


Threads become strained by centrifugal force, and reduce the blades of grass. They have to adapt the advantage to obstacles (stones, trees) and have after a short service life to replace in the Gegenstatz to the rigid measurer set, simply. If the end of the thread is worn, it is continued to pull simply out of the Fadenrolle fastened to the lower axle. With many engine scythes pulling the thread tight is facilitated by a mechanism. One knocks the on the soil and gives thereby easily gas. By knocking on the soil, a large button is imprinted, which releases the thread. The thread slips by centrifugal forces automatically outward.


Engine scythes are available with electrical or petrol engines, which sits engine with smaller devices in the with larger scythes than counter balance at the upper end of the scythe handle, large free cutters has an external engine by the equipment leader on a Kraxe is carried. Smaller devices are held at a grasp construction, larger devices to have a stretcher belt to

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