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Base data
Use:Office building, hotel
Construction period:1996 - 2000
Architectural style:decay
Technical data
Height of Office Tower:311 m
Height hotel Tower:261 m
absolute height of Office Tower:355 m
absolute height of Office Tower:309 m
Floors Office Tower:54
Floors hotel Tower:56
Building material:Steel, glass

Emirate the Towers is two belonging together Wolkenkratzer in Dubai, the emirates Office Tower and the emirate hotel Tower.

Both towers have a triangular sketch, whereby only two sides each of the triangle are substantial; the third side consists to a large extent only of a glass lining. Thus develop atria light-through-flooded inside, which extend nearly over the entire building height. In the atria operate also the elevators, whose driving speed was reduced after the opening, since persons riding along had to hand themselves over in view of the speed in airy height frequently.

The emirates hotel Tower accommodates emirate the Towers hotel, the third-highest hotel of the world and at the same time after the same hotel company belonging the Burj aluminium Arab also third-highest buildings Dubais. The hotel is 309 meters high and has 51 floors.

Its twin tower, the emirates Office Tower, is with 355 meters height the second highest building Dubais. It accommodates primarily offices.

In the base of the building is besides the shopping centre The boulevard.

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