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Emilio De Bono (* 19. March 1866 in Cassano d'Adda, province Milan; "† 11 January 1944 in Verona) was an Italian politician and officer.


After its training at the military academy in Modena he became an officer at the Bersaglieri troop. It participated starting from 1912 in the Italian-Turkish war and then in the First World War, in whose process it was several times wounded.

After the war it became one the joint founder of the fascist party and participated 1922 as oldest "Quadrumvir" in the march on Rome. After the fascist seizure of power Mussolini appointed it the police head and the director/conductor of the fascist militia ("black shirts"). It was jointly responsible for the murder of the socialist delegate Giacomo Matteotti.

From 1925 to 1928 it held the office of the governor von Tripolitanien, afterwards appointed it Mussolini the Minister for the Italian colonies. As a commander in chief of the Italian troops in the Italian war it was set off briefly because of its after beginning of war. Pietro Badoglio brought the operations thereafter to a successful conclusion.

With beginning of the Second World War it expressed itself against the italiensischen war entrance at the side of Hitler. On 25 July 1943 it was correct in the grand council of fascism against Mussolini, whereupon the fascist regime broke down. Mussolinis northItalian Repubblica Sociale Italiana condemned it after a looking process in Verona because of high treason to death. Emilio De Bono was executed on 11 January 1944 together with the former minister of foreign affairs Ciano and other former party sizes.

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