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Emil Jellinek (* 6 April 1853 in Leipzig; "† 21 January 1918 in Geneva (Switzerland)) was a German businessman.

He sold Daimler automobiles and announced her, in order to set the sales in motion, also at motorraces. It went under the alias "Monsieur inspired by the Rufnamen of its daughter, into action. Thus the first name of its daughter was soon well-known. In April 1900 "Mercedes" became then the product designation for a new engine form, which the names Daimler Mercedes led. In June 1902 "Mercedes" was then announced as registered trade mark and three months later was also legally protected.

1907 become Jellinek of Austrian-Hungarian Consuls General and short time late consul of Mexico. Jellinek concentrates 1909 on its tasks as a director/conductor of the Austrian-Hungarian consulate in Monaco.

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