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Emergency is a computer game row of Rettungssimulationen of the German developer Sixteen of clay/tone. Publisher of the first part was Topware; since part of two Take 2 is active as Publisher.

In the play the player transfers control of units of fire-brigade, emergency service, police and, since the third part of the row also those the THW. The play consists thereby in the substantial of two parts: on the one hand the rescue guard, which serves an overview of the accident place only as menu for requesting reinforcement (replaced with Emergency 3 by a requirement desk in the place of work), and on the other hand.

The control and diagram orient themselves thereby at a classical real time strategy play: with the left mouse button one selects the units (like e.g. delete vehicles or recovery vehicles) on, with the right mouse button one moves her to the place, where the mouse is and around actions to implement (e.g. Tree fell, house entered or turning leaders install). The camera guidance is similarly category typical: one turns with the middle key and/or the Scrollrad of the mouse.

The missions and tasks orient themselves nearly all at typical tasks: Takings of hostages, major fires, traffic accidents or train accidents. Each mission gets its own scene. After the release of all tasks and good evaluation (like many task forces were used, reached all goals, gave it losses etc.) the play de-energises the next task.

Emergency - Fighters for Life

  • Publication date: 1998
  • Number of missions: 30
  • Developer: Sixteen of clay/tone Entertainment
  • Publisher: Topware

Missions are among other things: Cat on the tree, Tornadoes, Verkehrsunfall and Bombendrohung.

Emergency policy

  • Publication date: 2. August 2001
  • Number of missions: 15
  • Developer: Sixteen of clay/tone Entertainment
  • Publisher: Cook Media

Emergency policy uses the same diagram and control as the predecessor Emergency - Fighters for Life. Additionally to the past units sec. is however added. Therefore there are police missions with Emergency policy only, like e.g. Taking of hostages, Amoklauf etc.

Emergency 2 - The Ultimate Fight for Life

  • Publication date: 11 November 2002 (on 24 July 2003 as "Deluxe edition ")
  • Number of missions: 25
  • Developer: Sixteen of clay/tone Entertainment
  • Publisher: Take 2

The Deluxe edition has in relation to the normal version two new missions (space shuttle crash and Waldbrand) and a language control (a Headset provided).

Emergency 3 - Mission Life

  • Publication date: 21. January 2005
  • Number of missions: 20
  • Developer: Sixteen of clay/tone Entertainment
  • Publisher: Take 2

Emergency 3 is the first play of the row, which 3D-Grafik possesses. For the first time also a map editor was attached, with whom own levels and Mods can be provided. In addition there are not to settle apart from the 20 missions one "Free Play mode ", in that not only an order is separates several - one behind the other or at the same time - one white it before!

Units and vehicles

The number of the units stands now with 40, as in all other parts before in police, fire-brigade and the emergency service divides itself. Now gives it in addition, task forces of the THW (technical welfare organization), a task force car for an engineer, who is responsible for damaged railway barriers or switchboxes in the play. The moreover one follow a mountain vehicle and a tank-launched assault bridge, which were settled at the fire-brigade before. These units are however always called "technical auxiliary workers", since a designation "THW" would offend against the trademark protection of the Federal Institution.

Missions and "Free Play "- mode

  • The missions are variedly and well made: Simple actions, but also tricky missions do not only participate, with which one has not only one, but several places of work. (Missions among other things: Traffic control, illegal road running, experience bath collapsed, avalanche misfortune in winter sports area, bomb alarm in the cinema center, military test flight things falls, express train races in station hall, danger property course derailed, explosion in chemistry factory, terrorist attack)
  • In the "Free Play" mode one is no more limited to an employment; rather a large map with living, industrie and trade areas is present. There different scenarios result: Traffic accidents, fires, hurt and helpless persons, defective barriers and traffic lights etc. the problem is however that it is not evident, when something happens. So it can be the fact that one is busy straight with a fire of an allotment plant in the proximity of a forest, if the alarm is released and the fire-brigade must disengage as fast as possible to a traffic accident with gotten jammed person, while five minutes later must be helped to a drowning person. Fast accumulate three to four employments. In addition, the situation of a Freiwilligen fire-brigade occurs that no employment results over hours and days.

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Emergency 4 - Global Fighters for Life

  • Publication date: 13. April 2006
  • Number of missions: 20
  • Special: International missions in the Antarctic and the Middle East, as well as a Multiplayer mode, which are playable over Internet.

Changes to Emergency 3

  • Multiplayer Coop mode
  • the international missions
  • simplified and more comfortable menu guidance,
  • as well as genuine physics, like buildings e.g. collapsing, breaking down bridges, persons, who are seized by pressure waves
  • extended endless and challenge mode
  • improved 3D-Grafik - Reflections in the water, heat flares with fires

In Emergency 4 there is also the possibility, not only in the campaign of storing but also in the Freeplay. The civilian road users became also "more smartly", them evade now now and continue, as soon as an employment vehicle approaches from the rear. The rescue personnel has now also a "artificial intelligence", because it implements automatically tasks, without one referred it to it. An emergency surgeon for example treats automatically a victim, if it is in its environment. In the campaign mode one plays between the employments in a fictitious city and "processes" there smaller employments, which are for example a heavy cardiac infarct and/or impact accumulation. From now on there are 4 also traffic accidents with more than one vehicle in Emergency.

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