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Elias of lions (* 1602 in the county Glatz/Schlesien; "† 27. April.1661 in Pitschen/Schlesien) was a physician, mathematician and astronomer.


Elias Kretzschmayer (also Craitschmair, Kretschmar, Kretschmer) was born approx. 1602 as a son one ev. minister in the circle Habelschwerdt in the county Glatz. It visited first a village school and afterwards the latin school to Habelschwerdt. For the winter semester it wrote 1619 at the University of Frankfurt/or studied themselves and beside medicine also astronomy and mathematics with Professor David Origanus. Kretzschmayer gained first practical experience as a physician in Schweidnitz - at that time after Breslau the most important metropolis in Schlesien. At the same time it is interested also further in astronomical computations. Its first work was "Horologium zodiacale", it the 1626 in Breslau published. It concerns itself therein with the computation of the plan duck courses. Already one year later, 1627, appears "report of the Firmaments, and that condition of the auff it nevertheless still 1682 a second edition experienced ground connection", which must have been quite successful. Further published it between 1626 and 1629 three astronomical calendars. For its earnings/services to the science it kept the hereditary nobility with the descriptor lent "from lions". It used latin form "Elias A Leonibus". In Schweidnitz he co-operated with the there city physician Heinrich Cunitz and became acquainted with so its daughter Maria, who was interested in the astronomy likewise much. Both married around 1630. Due to the Gegenreformation the scholar married couple had to leave Olobok as Evangelist Schweidnitz and flees in the long run to Poland on a property that Cistercian inside of the monastery. Here its wife supports with their research work at the improvement of the so-called Kepler' tables from lions. (See article Maria Cunitz). It kept the place of a city physician in Pitschen/Schlesien later, where it deceased on 27 April 1661.


  • Meadow, David, Christian Trawer and complaint lecture Uber the nevertheless Christian ones and blessed one parting"… of the Frawen Ursulae Hasin, Breslau 1617. (Latin contains mourning poem of Elias Kretzschmayer to death of the minister woman Ursula humans, born hare)

(Listing of the pressures 17. Century, VDNummer= 39:107010 W VD17)

  • Horologium zodiacale, sive Tabulae perpetuae, justam et veram singularum horarum planetarium quantitatem by totum annum complectentes: That is: To Immerwehrender magic or planet-grant pointers. The certain size of all planets hours by the gantze year anzeigendt; "… computirt auff the elevation 50. gr. 48. min. nevertheless thus that it reductive by gantze Germany be used can; To need Nebens preceding gnugsamen report like such. Breslau 1626.

(Listing of the pressures 17. Century, VDNummer= 23:289356 W VD17)

  • Report of the Firmaments, and that condition of the auff ground connection: Item: Of the war and other misfortune etc.; Beside one rota mundi. The latter is in as copper pass added world wheel. Breslau 1627.

(Listing of the pressures 17. Century, VDNummer= 3:303750 X VD17)

  • Newer and age Calender auffs year Christi 1627"… Brewsslaw. Printed in the year 1626 Prognosticon anstrologicum or astrological bedencken more uber this 1627 year. "…

(University library Breslau, department of old person of pressures, signature: 542,593)

  • Newer and age Calender auff switch year Christi 1628"… printed into the Fuerstlichen city Brieg by Augustinum founder into transfer David Mueller's of bookseller into Bresslaw astrological bedencken over this 1628 year. "…

(University library Breslau, handwriting department, signature: B 2000 bb)

  • Newer and age Calender"… Auff the year printed by the birth Christi 1629"… in the Fuerstlichen city Brieg by Augustinum founders. In transfer David Mueller's of bookseller in Bresslaw astrological bedencken"… Dasz 1629 year

(University library Breslau, handwriting department, signature: B 2000 dd)

  • Report printed of the Firmaments/and that condition of the auff ground connection"… Vormahlen to Bresslau in the year 1626. ietzo however on Ansuchung of many high and scholarly people again auffgelegt. Breslau 1682.

(Listing of the pressures 17. Century, VDNummer= 39:128596 G VD17)


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