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The Elektroakupunktur goes on the physician Reinhold full (1909 - 1989) back and is called therefore briefly EAV - electrical Akupunktur after full. It is a method of the alternative medicine and resembles for the 20's the spread Radionik.

The EAV works including and instrumentation confirmation of elements of the Chinese Akupunkturlehre and the medicine teachings, frequently the The EAV works with the skin resistance, which on well 1000 Akupunkturpunkten can be measured (usually 120 points first of all at hands and feet), and an evaluation scale, after which the EAV devices are calibrated. The middle pointer value is 50 and is considered as healthy value. Low values are to designate degenerative tendencies, very high values inflammatory tendencies. One calls a phenomenon, which lets a pointer rise only and fall immediately after it violently, pointer waste. This event is to indicate acute health problems.

With the medicine test, which follows an evaluated empty measurement at the points with medical finding, with native or digital medicines one examines, which medicine before incorporation before obtains an instrumentation positive effect on that as ill measured point. It can concern a but can be examined all life and cures, as well as all Isopathika manufacture after use from environmental poisons etc. in this way. Thus food or environmental incompatibilities is to be fathomed.

The bio resonance is come out from the EAV by the physician Franz Morell, a pupil Volls.


Fully, a Plochinger family doctor, examined the measurability of "energetic disturbances" in the 50's together with engineer Fritz Werner in the human body. They postulated a connection between the resistance and/or conductance at the appropriate, from the Akupunktur admitted skin regions and diseases.

On different Akupunkturpunkten the electrical skin resistance is based. This is to supply explanation about disturbances in the body. These disturbances are to be healed then by means of so-called Nosoden (maximumdiluted substances won from disease products, to which by the teachings heilsame effects are attributed). For the determination of the suitable means a so-called resonance test is accomplished: Into the equipment for skin resistance test samples of different means are brought and the reaction of the measuring instrument is observed. Subsequently, the determined preparations are given to the patient. Contents of the Nosoden can be drunk or squirted. How long the patient must take the medicines, and, the therapist as a function of the diagnosis determines which quantities.

Since the EAV makes measurements in the Meridianverlauf, an experienced therapist thereby is to be able to seek out different connections. Expression for it is the respective individuality of the examined one. EAV is to be like that able to find effectivenesses against many complaints and help the immune system against various complaints. In principle it concerns thereby usually decontamination and cleaning methods of the body, in order to relieve the immune system. EAV is offered i.d.R. not with completely determined complaints, is not used however e.g. with allergies, Neuralgien, headache, Neurodermitis, liver and kidney weakness, stomach and intestine illnesses, Zahnbeherdungen and other complaints.

In the opinion the scientific medicine is completely ineffective the EAV (like also the bio resonance, Radionik and similar procedures). The legal health insurance does not take over the achievements therefore.

Proponents quote anekdotische patient reports as voucher, like with all other not as can be prove effective therapies, over successful therapies with EAV when illnesses, which were already given up of the school medical profession as incurable. Proponents mean, a scientific proof of the impact of EAV is not trivial and represents a temporal and financial expenditure.

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