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The Eleftheri Ora (Greek polytonisch a, monotonisch a) is a Greek daily paper appearing in Athens. It had approximately 2300 readers in the year 1995.

Political attitude and tendencies

Political the Eleftheri Ora is to be classified as nationalistic. Also regularly anti-Semitic tendencies are noticeable. The newspaper belongs to Grigoris Michalopoulos, the leader of the right-wing extremists a party S""aa ("national alliance"), which possesses also the weekly paper Nei Anthropi as well as the television station Tile Tora. The moreover the Eleftheri Ora is close to the trailers of the former king house, and is to have tried quite often to justify the Greek military dictatorship.


The used language form is a conservative form of the Dimotiki. The Eleftheri Ora did not follow like the Estia of the orthographic reform of 1982 first, and still up to the end of the nineties the polytonische system did not use. Meanwhile it appears however monotonisch.


(Over an Internet side the Eleftheri Ora does not order.) Antisemitismus in Greece

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